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Lash Lift & TintDarken your lashes or brows in up to 3 weeks - $40 for brow tint or $50 for both lashes and brows. Lash tinting comes in different colors to optimize the end color you desire.

If you are using, or have used, prescription products for any eye pressure problems, only use LATISSE® under close doctor care. LATISSE® use may cause increased brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye which is likely permanent. Eyelid skin darkening may occur which may be reversible. Only apply at the base of the upper eyelashes.

LATISSE® is a prescription product and requires a consultation with Dr. Bekker.  LATISSE® solution is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker.

Eyelash hypotrichosis is another name for having inadequate or not enough eyelashes.



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