Coolsculpting Black Friday Special

BUY One Treatment Cycle (Applicator), Get one 1/2 OFF
($600 for 2 cycles, Save $200)

Cycles must be purchased between November 16th 2021 and November 30th 2021.  Cycles must be used by 1/31/22.  Cycles may be purchased by cash, credit card, check, or online in the form of a gift card.  Cycle = 2 Cool Advantage/2 Smooth/2 Petite or 1 Plus.  Limit 4 specials (8 cycles) per person.

CoolSculpting is a state-of-the-art, fat-reducing, body slimming technology. The CoolSculpting procedure reduces stubborn fat safely and efficiently, without surgery or downtime.

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Our client had 2 submental applicators under her chin, 4 weeks later she had a second treatment, only needed 1 cycle since her sides slimmed down so much, she barely fit the applicator for 1 additional treatment!

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CoolSculpting is perfect for men and women and can be done right here in our office!


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Botox Cosmetic
Botox Cosmetic
Botox Cosmetic