Is Microneedling Good For Your Skin?

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Microneedling can improve the appearance of your skin by reducing wrinkles, scarring, aging, and tightening loose skin. Microneedling will generate new skin tissue that is firm and smooth. EXCEED microneedling devices have tapered needles for minimal skin tearing and provide no risk of cross-contamination. Microneedling can allow your skin to look younger for longer and encourage your skin to produce more collagen over time. Microneedling is a safe and effective procedure that is designed to improve the quality and youthfulness of your skin. 

How Often Should You Do Microneedling Treatments?

The recommended number of treatments is 4-6 visits, spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Microneedling treatments show significant improvement in skin laxity and texture, lines, wrinkles, and reducing pore size. Microneedling is a common and effective option for facial rejuvenation treatment due to its relatively low cost and high customer satisfaction. The results of microneedling are visible after as few as 4 treatments. Depending on the results you are looking for, anywhere from 4-6 treatments should be enough to achieve your goals.

Microneedling At Clearly You

If you are looking for microneedling in Canton, MI, Plymouth, MI, Westland, MI, or the surrounding areas, the professional skincare experts at Clearly You provide FDA-approved microneedling treatments. Our EXCEED Microneedling service can significantly improve facial wrinkles, skin texture, and laxity with as few as four treatments. Our goal is to help our customers achieve their skin goals in a relaxing and comfortable environment. To learn more about our Microneedling treatment, contact us online or call us at 734-453-7475.

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