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Dew Puff- Soft and Squishy When Wet

We love Dew Puff- soft and squishy when wet, cleans like a charm! Use with any cleanser- the pointed tip allows you to get into tight areas like around your nose and between your brow. Lasts up to 3 months, great for removing sunscreen and oils, a gentle way to exfoliate daily. Simply [...]

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Fillerina Before and After – You Be The Judge!

Fillerina- new topical product that plumps cheeks and fills in lines. Before photo taken on January 3rd, Grade 2 applied every night for 14 days. After photo taken on January 16th. Results may vary per individual, would you give it a try???? Grades 1,2 and 3 in stock now at Clearly You, Lip [...]

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Spotted! Pimple Stickers!

This is an exciting new product that I just got in- Pimple stickers! Sure to be a hit with teen/acne sufferers- you simply peel off a sticker and cover your pimple while you sleep! Cost= $8.00 for travel pack and $25 for box of 96 stickers, stickers come in 2 sizes. Get yours now! [...]

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Semi Permanent Mascara by Elleebana

If you love the convenience and time saving aspects of gel nails- you are going to love Semi Permanent Mascara by Elleebana! Now available- Alisha coats Semi Permanent Mascara by Elleebana onto your own lashes, similar to a lash tint, but now you get fuller, thicker and darker lashes! You can sleep in the mascara, [...]

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Baby Foot featured on Ch. 4 WDIV

If you are a bit skeptical about Baby Foot and its effectiveness, check this article out. Better Health on Ch 4 does a fantastic job explaining this great treatment. A dermatologist also weighs in and gives his thoughts (thumbs up!) on the process. Click to see the video. We always have Baby Foot in the office - [...]

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